Choosing a Digital Adoption Platform for Salesforce | Spekit

Salesforce has become the go-to platform for businesses aiming to elevate customer experiences. However, it can be quite challenging for employees to realize the full potential of Salesforce. Digital Adoption Platforms like WalkMe can be helpful in overcoming any hindrances or challenges associated with the onboarding process. Here’s how DAPs like WalkMe allow your business to maximize Salesforce ROI.

What is WalkMe?

So, what is WalkMe? WalkMe is one of the most popular Digital Adoption Platforms (DAPs) that provides the right assistance/guidance to help you familiarize yourself with a new tool or software. It delivers a customized experience to every user and offers step-by-step procedures to ease the onboarding experience.

How DAPs Help:

  • Streamline Onboarding:

The first step towards maximizing Salesforce ROI is to make sure the users are familiar with the platform. DAPs like WalkMe provide easy-to-follow guidelines and steps that simplify training and onboarding for users. DAPs cover everything, from basics to advanced features, thereby reducing the learning curve. As a result, users will easily become Salesforce experts in no time.

  • Unique User Experience:

One of the perks of using Salesforce is that it can be personalized to meet an individual user’s requirements. Each business has its own requirements, and DAPs allow you to create tailored workflows to make the most of the platform.

  • Access to Real Time Support:

For users needing more assistance in using the Salesforce features, DAPs facilitate access to real-time support. Users get step-by-step guidance and instructions on specific features that they need help with. By delivering help and support in real time, DAPs minimizes downtime while also boosting user’s confidence when using the app.

  • Analyse User Engagement:

WalkMe – the powerful digital adoption platform for Saleforce – comes with helpful analytical tools, which allows businesses to analyze user engagement in Salesforce. You will have access to important insights including user activity, completion rates, and more. By taking advantage of this data, businesses should be able to identify areas of improvement.

  • Facilitate Continuous Learning:

Salesforce continues to receive regular updates, which is why you should make sure that the users are up to date with the latest and greatest. Thanks to DAPs, proper training modules and updates are delivered to users in a timely manner right within the interface. This way, users will be fully aware of the new features and improvements introduced within the platform. Simply put, DAPs make it easy and effortless to leverage the latest capabilities of Salesforce.

  • Better Productivity:

Improving user productivity is necessary to maximize Salesforce ROI. Well, you’re in luck, as DAPs will help businesses achieve the productivity goals by simplifying day-to-day operations and streamlining workflows. With the guidance of DAPs, users will be able to fulfill tasks faster in a given time.

With careful deployment of DAPs like WalkMe, businesses get to use Salesforce in a user-friendly manner. The combination of Salesforce and DAPs drives productivity, efficiency, and eventually, good return on investment. Get in touch with the professionals if you’d like to sign up for Walk Me training today.