Top Tips for EU Travel: Buses, eSIMs, & More

The European Union is a group of 27 member countries that have removed trade boundaries and adopted a single currency, the Euro. The Schengen Agreement, signed in 1985, allows for the free movement of citizens without passport controls at border crossings.

The 27 member countries are Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czechia, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, and Sweden. Apart from being EU members, these countries offer some of the most amazing places for tourists. From leisure to luxury, these countries have it all.

Top Tips to Travel Across Europe

Here are some tips and tricks to ensure a happy and reliable journey:

  1. Don’t Burn a Hole in Your Pocket: While strolling around Europe, always believe in the principle of a sharing economy and avail yourself of buses, discounted train passes, and budget airline tickets.
  2. Book Your Accommodation: Book your accommodation well in advance online.
  3. Travel Insurance: Travel insurance helps to protect against injury and theft. It is a must for a safe journey.
  4. Check Visa Requirement: You want to be allowed entry into the country you are visiting because you do not have a tourist visa. Most countries in Europe do not require a visa for short trips, but you must necessarily check the visa requirement and act accordingly.
  5. Travel in the Off-Season: If you want to travel pocket-friendly and soak up the sun rays on a Mediterranean beach without the noise and long queues, you must visit Europe in the off-peak travel season.
  6. Comfort is a Priority: Make comfort your priority. Have comfortable shoes to stroll around the city and comfortable garments that suit your body.

After learning these top tips, you must take advantage of one of the most important aspects of travel: discovering a global eSIM card that offers worldwide access and allows you seamless mobile data and connectivity.

MobiMatter: Your Access to Global eSIM Cards

MobiMatter is a digital SIM provider that allows you to buy eSIMS across Europe and other areas worldwide. From East to West, MobiMatter got your back everywhere.

Our Top 3 Global eSIM Cards

  1. Works in the US, CA, UK, AU, and NZ: This SIM card works in the United States, Canada, the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. So, if you travel to any of these, you must own it. It includes a starting package of 30 GB for general data and 5 GB for social data.
  2. Worldwide: This SIM card is accessible in 123 countries and is a must if you love travelling.
  3. Works in the EU, UK, Switzerland, and Turkey: This SIM card works in the European Union, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, and Turkey and connects you to a significant local mobile network with 5G or 4G LTE speeds.

In conclusion, travelling across Europe can be an enriching and memorable experience if planned well. Every detail counts, from choosing the suitable mode of transport to ensuring seamless connectivity with a global eSIM. With MobiMatter’s international eSIM cards, you can stay connected and enjoy your journey, making your European adventure as smooth and enjoyable as possible.

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