The Benefits of a Web Design Firm over a Freelancer

The Benefits of Working With a Freelance Web Designer - Joshua Paul Design

According to a recent study, nearly 30% of small companies don’t even have a website. To make matters worse, customers’ purchasing patterns have evolved dramatically.

A website is a necessity for any small business. Despite its importance, social media should not be your main method of communication with clients. It might be challenging to locate a website design service that can fulfill your goals and budget.

In that case, perhaps you’ve decided to look for a web design freelancer who can put together a quick website for you. We understand that you’re busy operating your company and don’t have the time to evaluate the advantages and drawbacks of Wix or a comparable website builder. You may be able to find someone to make it for you cheaply on Fiverr or 99designs.

Many potential clients ask us about the advantages of working with an agency rather than a freelancer (or just doing it themselves.) There are several advantages to hiring a web design firm to manage your small business’s website creation, and you can always find a company to help you by searching online for “web design services near me”.

1. Give your customers the best possible experience.

A plan is the foundation of any successful website. All excellent strategies begin with creating realistic client profiles. Before developing a website, you need to know who your audience is.

If you don’t take the time to learn about your prospective customer’s issues and pain spots, they won’t know what to expect from your website. In the long run, a poor user experience on your website might cost you customers and revenue.

The benefit of collaborating with a web design firm is that they have teams that are well-versed in strategy, message, and user experience (UX). A customer-centric and benefits-driven website may be planned, designed, and built with the help of experts.

A freelancer may be able to do this, but there is a limit to what one individual can accomplish. Your consumers will reap the rewards of your investment in a team that looks beyond the design itself.

2. Maximize Roi for Your Small Business Website Design

The term “return on investment” (ROI) has become a commercial buzzword, yet no one knows precisely how to evaluate it. The return on investment (ROI) of a website’s design is small. Our brainstorming has yielded a few possibilities.

Making a profit on your investment in agency web design demands that the project be done correctly and successfully the first time. A common request we get from company owners is for us to “repair” websites that were built by others.

Businesses that find themselves in this situation are fortunate to have us on their side. It’s disheartening when individuals invest their hard-earned money into website initiatives only to be let down by the finished result.

3. Options and Flexibility

When it comes to website building, there are a lot of myths and misconceptions. Will the site have a responsive design if you put it up quickly? Is it going to need to be optimized for search engines? How safe will it be to do so? Most importantly, who will be responsible for its repair if anything goes wrong?

One person just cannot meet the web design needs of every single customer. Web design freelancers tend to be generalists rather than experts. However, some areas of specialization do exist. In other cases, a freelancer may not have the expertise to develop an online shop, leaving you with the task of locating a professional.

The point isn’t that freelancers can’t do a good job; instead, we’re arguing that you should put your faith in a team of professionals rather than one individual with limited knowledge, talents, and, above all else, time to complete your project. To find such professionals, we advise that you use Google and search for “website design services near me”.

4. Problems Solved Quickly 

A freelancer you’re working with may be unable to resolve issues because they lack knowledge or time. The failure to meet milestones and the expansion of the project’s scope as planned might cause serious setbacks.

When working with an agency, you’ll often have access to subject matter experts who can help you handle problems as they emerge. As long as you’ve got extra hands on deck, you don’t have to stop the remainder of the project to fix the issue.

5. 360 Support Now And In The Future

Creating a website is just the beginning. After a website is constructed, the actual labor begins: maintaining it. When picking between a freelancer and a professional agency, keep in mind the continuing maintenance and support services your small company will want once the website is delivered.

The management of small company websites differs from the building of websites. If you hire a freelancer to build your website, you’ll be responsible for all of the site’s continuing administration and upkeep.

When you work with an agency like Janszenmedia, you have access to an experienced staff that understands what to do when things go wrong.

6. Look Original

A custom website design firm can provide your business a unique appearance and feel that sets you apart from your competition. Because designers and developers have distinct styles, collaborating with an agency provides you with a variety of aesthetic options.

Every time a website is built, freelancers tend to fall into the same pattern of doing so. You can’t stand apart from the competition with a cookie-cutter marketing strategy like this! Custom design helps you to concentrate on your consumer, display the advantages of your business, and provide a personalized user experience that you can rely on.

7. Beat Competitors With Agency Website Development Services

A new website created by an agency is often completed more quickly than one created by a freelancer working alone. Additionally, website development businesses have the ability to distribute the task among various team members in a pinch.

When you’re working on a project as a group, you’re more equipped to deal with the unexpected. This is particularly significant when launching a new product or in other situations when the timing is critical.

8. Work Fueled By Experience And Credibility

Your website needs an experienced and competent staff behind it. Having a website is like having a brick-and-mortar business with a digital presence. Sloppy, hurried, or poor work will not do.

Your website’s design should reflect the degree of expertise and trustworthiness you’re delivering to your consumers. In the long run, a team of specialists will always outperform a group of specialists.

9. Low-Risk Web Design Services For Small Business

Your small company website is a major undertaking, and you should avoid any foreseeable hazards at all costs. Some small businesses may believe that bespoke web design firms are either too costly or too busy to satisfy their demands. This is not the case, however. We believe the contrary.

When it comes to web design projects, the adage “safety in numbers” holds true. If you work with a group, you may be confident that they have the resources, skills, and experience necessary to complete the task at hand.

10. No Surprises

There are many similarities between building a website and building houses. You never know what will come up in the building process until you really start doing it. Things you didn’t know you needed before beginning your journey become necessary as you go.

It is impossible for a one-man band to handle the unexpected and absorb the shock, as well as a website team. When it comes to a professional web development team, they will be able to anticipate any possible issues before they arise and help you avoid them. It’s very uncommon for agencies to undertake their due diligence before awarding you a contract to verify that every potential snag has been addressed and minimized.


There is no better place to look for web design and development services than searching online for a “website development company near me”. While we recognize that every business has its own unique set of factors to consider, we feel that working with a web design and development firm is always the best option. Your website should be built on a solid foundation of strategy and user experience, as well as choices to handle the ongoing maintenance and administration needed to get the most out of your investment.