Part-Time Jobs You Can Find Online

Finding work isn’t always the easiest task, especially when you have bills to pay and a home to run. Just as your home is made comfortable using gadgets like the Honeywell smart thermostat, other aspects of your life must be tended to the same way.

In order to fulfill all your needs and live a comfortable life, some people may need to find multiple jobs that will help improve their lifestyle. Fortunately, you no longer have to go out and manually look for jobs, apply for them and appear for interviews. All of this can easily be done online, and you can have an extra source of income from the comfort of your home.

Part-time jobs are often the kind which almost anyone can do. Some of them may require you to do tasks specific to your field, but it is an option open for most people with a certain skill set. This is what makes this a great option for most people. The following are some part-time jobs you can find online.

Virtual Assistant

Pretty much anyone who works full-time is unable to keep up with all of their daily tasks. To avoid these tasks piling up, a lot of people prefer hiring assistants who can help them catch up. As a virtual assistant, you may have to perform small tasks throughout the day, such as setting up meetings or managing a schedule. Virtual assistants are essentially human beings who perform tasks for people as a voice assistant would, except the tasks may be slightly more complex or specific than those given to an AI-powered voice assistant.

Virtual assistants are paid by the hour, and depending on your employer and the type of work you are assigned, you may be able to make a decent living from this job alone. Since you will not be engaged constantly throughout the day, this is a good option to consider as a part-time job.


No matter what educational background you have or what your field of work is, almost all of them require some kind of written work. This is why writing is one of the easiest jobs to find since you can write depending on what you know most about. This is also a great option for a part-time job since it allows you to set your own working hours. You can complete tasks at your own pace, without it interfering with your other work. 

Whether you work for a particular company or brand or do freelance projects, writing can earn you a good amount of money to cover your expenses. This is why a lot of people tend to choose this as their second job.


There’s nothing better than a job that lets you practice your interests and share them with the world, and bloggers can do just that. By starting a blog, you can earn money while talking about something you enjoy or are good at, and it can all be done online. This is the perfect part-time remote job because you can set your own working hours and are completely independent when it comes to decisions regarding it. 

When starting a blog, the main thing to focus on is generating traffic on your page. The more attention your blog gets, the better your earning from it can be. You can also earn through advertisements, and this can be a very productive hobby as well.

Thrift Shop

Thrift shopping is now more popular than ever. A lot of people prefer to shop from thrift stores than branded, overpriced outlets. It gives them a lot more variety while being easy on the pocket, and it is always fun to discover clothes that you most likely will not be able to find anywhere else. This is why starting a thrift store could easily earn you a decent amount of money.

This venture may be profitable, but it requires a lot of dedication. You can have your own website or start it on a social media platform, however, you may not get a lot of customers in the beginning. The key is to always persevere and keep promoting, until you have the attention of your target audience.

Graphic Designer

This is another job for which you can get freelance gigs, which makes it a great option for someone looking for a second job. If you have artistic skills and can get the basic equipment, working as a graphic designer is the perfect job for you. With a little bit of practice, you may be able to build a portfolio that can land you as many gigs as you want; there are many online platforms where you can find clients looking for freelance designers.

Not only will this job help you improve your skills as an artist, you will also be able to gather enough experience for a full-time job in the field. This is a great opportunity for young artists with jobs outside of their main careers, looking for experience to work full-time in their field.


In the current economy, it never hurts to have a backup. A part-time job is reassurance that you will always have some extra money coming in so that you do not have to compromise on the home and lifestyle you want. These jobs can keep you busy, and often allow you to set your own hours so that they do not clash with your normal working hours. It is the most convenient way to earn some extra money while still being able to focus on your main source of income.