Viral Launch provides comprehensive options for your success on Amazon. Viral Launch features and plans affect price. To ensure that consumers get exactly what they need and don’t pay for anything they don’t, they provide flexible plans. A software seller’s tool on Amazon is called Viral Launch. It enables you to swiftly launch your own product, identify things that are selling successfully, and comprehend your competitors’ strategies. To know more about Viral Launch you can visit the below link:

  • Marketing Research (Validating Product Ideas)

You now need to validate the product concepts you obtained from the product discovery tool. You will want the Market Intelligence tool to accomplish that. You will be given access to all the data metrics you require to sell those goods on Amazon. Simply go to the Viral Launch dashboard and select the Market Intelligence option to access this service. After that, simply type a product name into the search bar to get all of its information.

You will see all the data metrics pertaining to that product on your screen. These metrics will include a thorough examination, market trends, sales projections, competitor information, and so forth. The system for validating product ideas is a useful resource for Amazon sellers. You will also see the product rating and product score, which can help you understand the item. It was quite helpful to me in deciding which things would be best for me.

  • Keyword analysis

You must enter a term in the Keyword Research tool in order to find the products of a niche. You will need the product’s keywords to finish your Amazon product listing. Viral Launch’s keyword research tool is dependable and capable. It offers every trustworthy metric that you most likely won’t discover on any other Amazon seller tool.

Direct access to the Keyword Research tool is available from the Viral Launch dashboard. Simply type the term into the search box to retrieve all the data metrics. Only keep a small number of the keywords you find using filters. You can also locate any missing keywords from your rival’s listing to gain the upper hand.

  • Competitive Analysis

Use Viral Launch’s Competitor Intelligence tool if you want to discover how your rival is doing. It is a sophisticated reverse ASIN lookup tool that enables you to keep an eye on your rivals. Enter a product’s ASIN in the Competitor Intelligence section of the Viral Launch dashboard. It will display a lengthy list of the top keywords used by your rivals. Additionally, you will receive crucial information like sponsored ad rankings, analysis & track indexation, price, sales, and customer reviews as well as search volume, keyword rankings, notification choices, and more.

  • Product Discovery

You can find the ideal product for your company with the aid of the product discovery tool. With the help of this tool, you may learn more about a variety of items and select one. You can start using this tool by clicking on it once you have accessed the Viral Launch dashboard, where it is located. Your screen will display a dashboard that has been simplified.