Google Chrome has most vulnerabilities of any browser in 2022 (so far)

In accordance to a report released by Atlas VPN, Google Chrome is the most “vulnerability-ridden” browser of 2022, with 303 vulnerabilities found out so considerably this calendar year. Not only that, but it is also the all-time leader with 3,159 vulnerabilities because it was unveiled. Specified it is, by much, the most well known browser in the globe, that isn’t completely unforeseen.

Following Google Chrome is Mozilla Firefox with 117 (significantly less than half), Microsoft Edge with 103, Safari with 26, and Opera with no documented vulnerabilities. Apparently plenty of, each Edge and Opera are primarily based on Chromium, the underlying motor for Google Chrome. On that be aware, some of the Chrome vulnerabilities could also impact these other two browsers if they are Chromium vulnerabilities but have but to be found out or claimed in Edge or Opera.

YTD and all-time web browser vulnerabilities by web browser chart
YTD and all-time world wide web browser vulnerabilities by world wide web browser.

There are quite a few methods your browser can get exploited or hijacked, and there are a few ways you can assist mitigate browser assaults.

“Hackers have many procedures to exploit browser vulnerabilities. Luckily, consumers can take ways to mitigate the threats of their browsers obtaining compromised. It is significant to preserve your browsers up to day, to be conscious of the browser plugins you set up, as perfectly as to teach on your own about phishing assaults, as it is one particular of the strategies cybercriminals distribute exploiting kits aimed at unpatched vulnerabilities in your browser.”

Ruta Cizinauskaite, Cybersecurity author at Atlas VPN

You can look at the rest of the report, as well as thorough guidelines for blocking browser assaults, more than on the Atlas VPN web site.

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Final Updated on Oct 5, 2022.

Google Chrome browser vulnerabilities chart

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