Custom Interface Adds USB And Wi-Fi To Digital Calipers

Though previous-faculty machinists generally want the mechanical vernier scale on their trusty calipers, quite a few end users currently get calipers with a digital readout. These versions normally occur with further features like differential measurements, or a “hold” purpose for individuals scenarios the place you have to maneuver the instrument someplace deep inside a equipment. Another valuable attribute is a info url that lets you log your measurements on a computer system directly instead of manually getting into all the values.

The VINCA-branded caliper that [Liba2k] bought has these types of a information hyperlink feature, which needs a USB adapter which is offered individually. There is a micro-USB connector on the tool alone, but alternatively of employing a USB interface, this is applied to carry a proprietary serial protocol — a style decision that should to be classified as a felony if you talk to us. Rather than obtaining the formal USB adapter, [Liba2k] decoded the protocol and created his have interface called VINCA Reader that can link through either USB or Wi-Fi.

The serial format turned out to be a basic serial bus that clocks out 24 bits at a time. In purchase to adapt its 1.2 V sign stage to the 3.3 V utilised by an ESP32, [Liba2k] created a basic stage shifter circuit applying a handful of discrete components. The ESP can communicate with the computer through its Wi-Fi interface, for which [Liba2k] wrote a spreadsheet-like application alternatively, an ordinary USB cable can be linked to emulate a keyboard for use with any other software program.

With its included Wi-Fi aspect, the VINCA Reader is actually much more finish than the formal USB adapter, and will likely be less expensive as properly. The serial interface appears to be frequent to all caliper suppliers, while a lot of went for a much more smart connector than micro-USB. An automatic readout technique is specially helpful if you have to make thousands of similar measurements.

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