Let’s be clear about this today, building a website is rather simple. You have access to website creation toolkits, hosting services that handle server management, and practical instructions and walkthroughs to help you complete tasks. Your brain might spin from the overload of information. What should you therefore prioritise first? 

Let’s examine the top 5 things you need to be aware of this year before launching a website. 

1. A goal  

If you’re in the planning stages of creating a website, you may already be off to a decent start on this one (the majority of people don’t just decide they want a website without knowing what it will be used for). However, before moving forward, be quite clear in your own mind about what you want your website to achieve. 

Your website should clearly explain what you offer and why customers should hire you if you’re beginning a service-based firm. The objective of a product-based business is to encourage customers to add products to their shopping carts and complete the checkout process. Finding a few others who share your passion for spaghetti westerns could be your only objective if you decide to establish a blog about it. 

2. Web hosting 

Since most hosting plans include at least one domain name as part of the package, you can usually purchase web hosting and register your domain names at once (and sometimes more). Choosing the best hosting plan can be tricky, but with a little basic knowledge of how the different types of web hosting work, you should be able to make your decision fairly easily. 

An affordable shared plan that you can get for just a few bucks a month will probably work well if you’re just starting out and your website will be fairly small and without a large audience. 

3. A design 

Every website you visit has a fundamental web design that someone had to develop. You may not give a website’s design much thought when it is intuitive and performing as intended, but that is because someone else did the thinking throughout the design phase to ensure that the site readily satisfies visitor demands. 

There are several ways you can design your website. To have a custom website created that meets your objectives, you can engage a web designer with experience. You can create it yourself utilising templates and a user-friendly design interface by using a website builder. Alternately, you may attempt to teach yourself web design and create a website from scratch. 

4. A domain name 

One of the hardest parts for many individuals can be this seemingly straightforward procedure. Although there isn’t much tiresome work involved, it does demand making a difficult creative choice, and it’s simple to become stuck at this stage and find it difficult to move on. 

You need to take more factors into consideration when purchasing a domain name for your website than just how it sounds. Searching for available domain names should be a step in your ideation process. It pays to find something unique so you can register a .com domain without having to use weird spelling. You don’t have to register the domain exactly as you want your site to be, but returning visitors will find you easier if the name matches. 

This stage will most likely be a challenge for you, but don’t let it last too long. Set a completion date and stick to it. It’s better to have an imperfect name than to have no name or website. 

5. Content 

You probably haven’t given the language used on the pages of websites you frequent any care, similar to how web design is done. But someone put that time and work into it, and you have to do the same. 

This is another stage where having professional assistance may be advantageous, especially if the goal of your website is to generate purchases. Professional website copywriters are skilled at positioning businesses and determining the language that will compel visitors to act. Furthermore, if writing isn’t your strongest skill, you’ll probably waste a lot of time and effort on jobs that turn out worse than if you had hired an expert. 


Here is hoping you have understood the article. If you are going to start a website, get a reliable shared hosting provider to begin with and then start building. Till then, if any doubts or queries, please feel free to share them with us in the comments section below.