5 crucial factors that shape the success of blogs

11 Key Factors That Make Your Blog Successful

A blog is a great tool to have in your marketing machinery when one talks about influencing customers. Which is why corporates, communities, professionals and influencers are making the most out of blogs as a platform to inform, advocate and spread knowledge about their work amidst their customers and regular visitors. A common worry that looms over these stakeholders is that of sustainability, which inevitably links one to the success of a blog. How can one measure the success of a blog if it is one of the many ways of stimulating your audience? 

Since blogging is a serious business and a time consuming one, there needs to be a set number of parameters which will help one define the success ratio of a blog post. In a bid to monetize or create high network-effects through this platform, identifying the right parameters becomes of huge importance. Whilst you are looking for some hosting plans for e.g. a cheap WordPress plan for your blog, the first action you must take after purchasing the plan, is to identify what parameters are critical to make your blog a roaring success. 

Building a successful blog is absolutely possible. Here are 6 factors you must incorporate in order to achieve the same. 

1. Authoritative in nature 

Blogs that shed light on the trends and the insights of an industry captures the attention of consumers rather quickly. Speaking about the ins and outs of an industry helps establish a position of authority in the minds of people. This gradually leads to trust especially when the insights you are providing are backed by numbers and facts from reputed research organizations. Hence, it is advisable to create content that adds value to your industry and puts you on the top as an authoritative and knowledgeable figure of your industry. 

2. Curating great content 

Knowing about your industry is one important aspect, but knowing what your consumers would want is another. Any blogger should know their audience through and through and this goes without saying because it is the audience that accepts or rejects your content. Hence, as a good practice to follow, bloggers must curate different pieces of content from various websites that are relevant to their business or category and have their own point of view about the same. To add a layer of trust when you make this content yours, filter it through facts and statistics or get an opinion from industry stalwarts about the same. In case you do not get me to meet with industry professionals, go through their interviews to gauge their opinions and create content out of it. All of this can happen if you plan this in advance with a good content curation strategy. 

3. Timing is everything 

Your content needs to be well poised to reach your audience at the right time. By time, we do not necessarily mean scheduling that can be done on your website’s CMS. Your content should be curated in such a way that it should be ready for release at the right time. For. e.g. if there is a particular product or service in your industry which is set to launch on a particular day and you know that speaking about its advantages or benefits will pull more people to your blog. This instance calls for not just releasing good content but also experimenting with different kinds of content pertinent to the product release. This exercise will also help you gauge which content is performing and which isn’t.

4. Frequency 

Maintaining a blog as a platform can be tedious. But not if you set the right expectations for your audience. This can be done by posting on the blog over a duration of 2 days, 3 days or even a week so that your audience knows which day to visit your blog. By posting content on the blog with a set frequency, a blogger can easily bifurcate the traffic as seen on the day of publishing and otherwise. This also helps one to target customers accordingly. 

5. Engaging style and tone 

One important aspect that helps you build a successful blog is the style and tonality of the blog and its content. Setting your own style and tone for the blog helps you brand your blog. This not only creates a distinct identity among your competitors but also helps your audience identify with your brand. What can help you band your blog even better is if you avail some exciting WordPress plans to host your blog on WordPress. You can design your own blog with a variety of themes and templates given by WordPress. Though most of these elements encapsulate the exteriors of your blog, they eventually should not supersede the matter of the content on your blog. 


We would like to add that a blog’s success is not just your success as a business or a corporate or a professional etc. It is also the success of the platform which has enabled you with the right tools to set things up. Since we mentioned this, a name that comes into our mind as we speak is that of Bluehost who are providing great WordPress plans for bloggers and business. Not only do they provide economical plans but also support with great WordPress hosting services to their customers. 

We hope that you have enough ideas as to how you can build a successful WordPress blog. Ensure that you take care of these parameters only to see your blog will take care of you.